Play the Wall


Something really cool is going on in big Berlin. Our dear friend and, let’s say, tennis-super-sporty-star Ralf Stoffers brings Pádel, originally a traditional South American/Spanish sport, into the city. (You could say it’s a hybrid of tennis and squash.) But Play the Wall interprets the sport in a new, urban way.


Orientated at the possibilities of the architecture of a city, all you need is a racket, a ball and a wall to play against. That’s how the urban project started last summer, where a bunch of people were seen (and, of course, some smashes heard) almost every day at a forgotten, romantic spot in a government district. Get an impression of the game here.


You can play alone, in pairs or in a group

Two weeks ago, the mobile Pádel indoor court opened in an old factory building. From now until March 2012 you can go and watch or play there.


Well, I’m not only telling you all this because I think it’s a really great idea, a project which should be supported. I really, really like the prototype and the first special edition racket of Play the Wall, and guess who did the lettering? 



So, if you are in Berlin, check it out! I had the chance to play with Ralf and Kathrin in Spain last spring, you have to believe me: it’s totally FUN! 

Registration, ordering and more information on the Play the Wall website.