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Since you are

walking on thin ice

What’s Aniuk?

Aniuk is a new original display type family designed and optimized for the use in large sizes. With five robust weights – Regular, Medium, Bold, Heavy and Black – it is perfectly suited for editorial, posters or logo design. A perfect balance of characteristic curves and edgy details make this a strong but playful typeface; a solid partner for your creative adventures.

Aniuk Regular

Aniuk Medium

Aniuk Bold

Aniuk Heavy

Aniuk Black

you might as well dance!

Aniuk is one of the many inuit words describing a particular type of snow. The word is used to name snow that is most easily melting and therefore used for making drinking water.

Some letters evolved a lot since the
first version of the typeface in 2003.
The concept is only good if it functions
as a whole system.

Break the ice

During the founding of the Austrian type foundry Typejockeys, it was clear that Aniuk would be the third type family to be released, following up on the award-winning Ingeborg and Premiéra type families. The latter is a book typeface optimized for small text setting. Now this is pretty much the opposite of that!

Seven years went by, and Aniuk was defrosted, re-animated and revised big time! We put warmth into the strength, softened the loudness of the forms but obtained the charming energy. Aniuk is lively, young, and probably a little crazy. However, there certainly is one thing that it is not: boring. Be passionate, get emotional, and express yourself with a variety of five different weights.
Because: If you’re walking on thin ice, you might as well dance!

Available as print and web font. Check out
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